Live a life You Love


Hi, I’m Meli Bolanos. I’m a Life Coach, MBA, Runner, Triathlete, Dog Mom, Nature Lover, Sunrise & Sunset aficionado, and a Passionate Traveler. I have been fortunate enough to live and travel around the world. From growing up in Honduras, to completing my undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz, my MBA at Babson College in Boston, and then having worked for over 10 years in International Banking, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet people from many different countries and cultures. What I’ve learned is that no matter our background or history, we are all more alike than we think. All humans have similar struggles, fears, and challenges – not feeling lovable, not feeling good enough, fear of failure, fear of being hurt, and fear of being vulnerable. I know I’ve felt this way for most of my life.

For many years I thought that life was SIMPLY OKAY and all we could do was try to deal with it and make the best of it. Then I discovered there is a way out of that suffering and I've experienced it firsthand.

My work is based around the belief that we are all able to CREATE and LIVE A LIFE WE LOVE by being true to ourselves & our passions, living a life of meaning and one that includes self-love and self-care practices. READ MORE


Five years ago I decided I didn’t want to suffer anymore…
so I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I'm a firm believer that anyone can CREATE A LIFE THEY LOVE, and they can LOVE WHO THEY ARE as well.

I've completed the 10 month Martha Beck Life Coach Training and have designed a coaching practice that will get you back to who you truly are and be able to create the life you were meant to have… a Life You Love!

You will be equipped with tools to help you get to know your true self and what your true self is passionate about, identify which of your beliefs are holding you back, design a plan to create your ideal life, while instilling daily wellness practices of self-love and self-care in order to be the most balanced, truest, healthiest version of yourself.

Coaching can transform your life and will empower you by teaching you tools that will help you Create a Life You Love.


  • Want to reduce Stress & Anxiety in your life.

  • Are feeling stuck, wanting to make a change but aren't sure where to start.

  • Want to have a life of meaning and purpose.

  • Are looking for more self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and inner peace.

  • Want to know yourself better and connect to your true self.

  • Need a road map to get you to where you want to be.

  • Want more time for yourself and the things you love doing.

  • Want to learn how to organize your life through new time management skills.

  • Are looking to improve your life overall.

  • Want to create sustainable changes in your life.

  • Want to build healthier long lasting relationships.

  • Want to CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE, full of self-love, inspiration, fulfillment and meaning.

    *** Coaching focuses on WHERE you are TODAY, WHERE you want to go in the Short Term, and HOW you can get there. The answers are within you, and I will guide you through the process of Self Inquiry so you can arrive at the right answer for you! ***