10 Session

progressive coaching package

This 10 Session Progressive Coaching package goes through the topics below, and for each you learn a set of tools that you can apply to these and other circumstances in your life.

1.     Mindfulness & Living a Mindful Life.

2.     Obtaining & increasing your Self-Love.

3.     Creating a Daily & Weekly Self-Care Practice.

4.     Creating an Emergency Self-Care Plan.

5.     Self-Compassion & Silencing your Inner Critic.

6.     Understanding Your Emotions.

7.     Dealing with your Emotions in a Healthy Way.

8.     Understanding your Thoughts.

9.     Understand & Learning to work on Your Thoughts.

10.  How to Reduce & Deal with Stress & Anxiety at home & at work.

Coaching focuses on WHERE you are TODAY, WHERE you want to go in the Short Term, and HOW you can get there. The answers are within you, and I will guide you through the process of Self Inquiry so you can arrive at the right answer for you! ***


Coaching Sessions are by Skype / FaceTime / Telephone. Please leave the best number for me to reach you.

10 Sessions

Each session lasts 45 minutes and all 10 sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

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For more information on the 10 Session Progressive Coaching Package, contact me at meli@melibolanos.com.