I spent so many years feeling sorry for myself, feeling down, anxious, sad, and depressed. I spent so many years believing life was this way, and the best we could do was find ways to cope with it the best we could. I spent so many years believing I wasn't lovable, I wasn’t enough. I sent so many years feeling lost and unfulfilled.

Fixing vs Solving a Problem

If you don't allow yourself to feel the bad, you also become unable to feel the good. And in the end, life is just that- an eternal dance of ups and downs… The downs help us learn and grow and allow us to fully savor the ups.

Lessons Learned from 2017

If I could sum up into one equation what I’ve learned and been able to truly experience this past year, it’s this:

Trust+ Gratitude + Change in Perspective+ Compassion = Sustainable Happiness.