Corporate and group workshops

I offer workshops for different sizes & types of groups, covering a variety of topics, including:

* How to Reduce & Deal with Stress & Anxiety at home & at work.

* Obtaining & increasing your Self-Love.

* Creating a Daily & Weekly Self-Care Practice.

* Creating an Emergency Self-Care Plan.

* Mindfulness & Living a Mindful Life.

* Self-Compassion & Silencing your Inner Critic.

* Understanding Your Emotions.

* Dealing with your Emotions in a Healthy Way.

* Understanding your Thoughts

* Understand & Learning to work on Your Thoughts

I offer workshops on additional topics as well - can be discussed depending of the need of the client.


Format of Workshops:

+ Meli’s Introduction + Grounding Exercise

+ Group Introduction/Ice breakers. + Group conversation related to workshop topic – led by Meli Bolanos.

+ Teaching of Tool related to workshop topic. + Completion of Guide related to workshop topic.

+ Q&A. + Guided Meditation.

+ Wrap Up.

+ Duration: 3 hours. Each workshop covers one topic.

For more information on workshops, please contact me at