What my clients are saying…

“Meli has contributed a lot to my entrepreneurial growth as well as work-life balance. Sometimes we let ourselves go pressured by our own standards and we dedicate most of our time to work. Meli helped me create self-care spaces where I could recharge my energy and organize my thoughts and ideas seeing them from a different perspective.  Also, she has helped me understand my emotions and self-concerns, not only guiding me but also giving me the tools to face them fearlessly. She knows how to see the positive side of things and most importantly she will give you the knowledge and tools so you can succeed at whatever you want to accomplish. Worth every minute! “ - Sharon T., Miami, FL, USA.

“With Meli’s coaching, I’ve been able to better manage my anxiety while at work. She has taught me tools that I can easily put into practice when I’m working to bring myself back to the present moment and be able to enjoy my day to day in a more positive way. This has allowed me to achieve greater success at work, since I’m able to reduce my anxiety and really let my strengths fuel my actions.” - Janice B., Miami, USA.

“Meli has been a warm, caring, compassionate, intelligent coach. A session with her results in a more positive outlook about whatever challenges you are facing. she has many tools and helpful recommendations. Hope for a better, happier tomorrow becomes a realistic goal.” - Steve S., Miami, USA.

I’ve been coaching with Meli for over a year. The results I have achieved on a personal level and professional level are wonderful. On a personal level, it has helped me face and work through difficult situations that previously would have made me break down. I have learned to take advantage of my analytical capacity to determine the cause and consequences of my behavior, this way being able to change the actions that aren’t serving me. I have learned to "look at myself from the outside" and that has allowed me to greatly improve my life. On a professional level, I have learned to face stressful situations, managing them in a better way by setting priorities and being assertive. The physical pains that stress used to cause me have diminished, and I also feel happier in my work as I feel more in control.” - N.C., Medellín, Colombia.

“The techniques I’ve learned from Meli have been life changing. Because of her, have been able to develop a more positive mindset. She reminded me that I am the captain of my own ship.” - M. R., Miami, USA.“I came across Meli through a friend who was all praise for her life coaching sessions and insisted on speaking to her once. I must say I am glad that I spoke to her. After the first telephonic conversation I was sure of going ahead with the coaching sessions. Meli is extremely kind, considerate and patient. The tools advised by her have started helping me in understanding my emotions and thoughts. I highly recommend Meli to anyone who wants to take life coaching !! ” – Kanchan N. Singapore.

“Meli’s an awesome life coach. Sometimes when you are at life’s crossroads and you feel lost, a life coach is exactly what you need to guide you back to your path to success. Meli’s great at helping you succeed in every dimension of your life - personal, family & work!” – Sanjana V. , Coimbatore, India.

“I contacted Meli a couple of months after I realized how genuinely unhappy and stressed I was with my life and my work. My whole existence had turned into such a routine I was unable to think clearly as to where my life was headed and the goals I had at the beginning of my career quickly blurred. After our first chat I realized that her positive and upbeat manner helped calm my severe anxiety and with that I started to focus on what I wanted to do. After 6 months, she helped me re-evaluate and prioritize aspects in my personal life in such a way that others have seen improvements in my work as well a as in a social setting. I have found the sessions to be very calming and provides the positive reinforcement needed to make changes in my life. I will continue to work with Melissa in the upcoming projects for my life.” - Celina D, Managua, Nicaragua.

“Very professional, sensitive, human. I really recommend Meli has been of great help to me, I have achieved a different perspective in the face of difficulties. Focusing on the present and from there modifying attitudes for a better bond with my loved ones. And above all appreciate everything I have. It is an individual, unique and rich experience that we must experience.” – Paola R. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Meli walks the talk, and has grown through her own experiences and struggles that have molded and allowed her to coach her clients. I am blown away at how Melissa is able to find the tools in her coaching toolbox and tailor it so eloquently for the individual. She leads from her heart, is thoughtful, and has a grounding presence making it impossible not to feel comfortable and motivated to make changes in your life - no matter how small or huge these might be. She is skilled in helping those who are looking to make changes in their personal life, business life, relationships or who are wanting to reconnect with their passions, whatever they may be. Don't hesitate to contact Melissa to begin your journey.” – Oscar C. Miami, USA.

“The main words that comes to mind about Melissa’s coaching is "courageous." And “authentic”. She will consistently and artfully offer steps, insights, and ideas that will allow you to grow, evolve, and connect to yourself and who you are. You can tell she is purposeful and loves what she does and how she goes about it to teach others. This is a coach that’s congruent in her teachings and you can feel it as you work with her.” - Dr. Carolina Pataky, Miami, USA.

“I have known Meli for many years now and I can say that as a life coach Meli can hear you fully in a way that few humans can. She can seemingly suspend time so there's enough for the whole story, while also keeping things moving so you are done when you need to be, having defined your next steps. Her knowledge and experience run so broad and so deep--the result of years of curiosity, no doubt--that she can go wherever you need the conversation to go.  After my sessions with Meli, I feel at peace, or know how to get there, no matter what is going on. My life unfolds in front of me and even the struggles feel like a form of grace. Her enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting.” – Andrea F., Boca Raton, USA.

“I can't say enough good things about Meli Bolanos and her life-coaching magic! She has helped me develop life-changing skills about how I approach my life. Through my work with Meli, I truly believe that I can handle any challenge I am faced with. She gave me the tools, space, encouragement and wisdom to connect to my own inner guidance system. She helped me discover strengths and abilities I didn't know I had. Meli's work is very practical; using concrete tools that help in many different circumstances. But it is her compassion and ability to challenge my long-held ways of thinking that has forever changed and improved my life and the lives of everyone whom I am in contact with.” – Sydney A. Boise, ID, USA.

“She is an awesome Life Coach!! She’s been my life coach for the last 4 months and she has helped me achieve personal goals. Highly recommended!!! “ Andrea P. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

“Meli is a great life coach! She is a person who knows how to listen; she analyzes and understands what you need to be able to provide a solution or give an advice of what you are looking for, in order to give you a life you love.” Cristina C. Lima, Peru.

“Meli has helped me to find courage to step outside of my comfort zone. Now I find myself constantly proposing new projects where I have to step in front of a crowd or camara and present or expose myself!! I have created blogs for my fellow co-workers and I am currently working on a development program for my team where I will lead most of the courses. Terrifying, always, but it's definitely gratifying at the end!!” Gabriela L. Panama City, Panama.